Do more with push.

Your app is more than what’s inside the app icon. Projector is a smart notification platform that helps you send notifications people love.

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    Focus on your users

    Stop worrying about managing devices and start delivering effective personalized notifications that drive genuine engagement and reduce churn.

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    Simple toolkit

    In less than 15 minutes start using experimentation and machine learning to make the most of push, conversational UIs, and other out-of-the-box strategies for engaging your users.

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    Powerful dashboard

    Your engagement strategy shouldn't depend on your development cycle. Execute your strategy without waiting for an app release.

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Looking to migrate from Parse?

Migrate to Projector and upgrade your push notification strategy

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For iOS and Android

Specially built for the top two mobile platforms

We're developers too

Our team is full of developers and end users who have been there and used the solutions currently on the market. We've struggled finding a system that does it all, and been bogged down by irrelevant and disruptive notifications. We are dedicated to building the best system for developers and users alike.

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